15 years of 3D game art

Giving clients the biggest BANG out of their poly limits and art styles!

Bringing 15 years of expertise
to this grand creative world

After being active in many 3D specialties, I decided to focus on real-time 3D game art, specializing in asset and environment creation. Learning from teams and projects along the way, I have built a strong foundation to guide and complete any project.


+31 6 52308591

Professional Collaboration

With my excellent understanding of game development, I know what areas to focus on to create a smooth collaboration with stunning results. The key to creating that result is organization and communication, both of which I utilize perfectly.

Combined with clear, structured files, I reduce micromanagement to a minimum. This allows for optimized results that fall neatly within the limits of any scope. It’s no surprise that my success stems from what I stand for:

  • Professional collaboration, management, and communication
  • Structure within work and files, ready to be implemented directly into your project
  • High-grade deliveries with a focus on thinking ahead to stay on top of my game
  • Working together with you and find solutions quickly to maximize visuals and performance
  • Handling the full art process from A to Z, if needed
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The Next Step: A New Horizon

Always aiming to grow in art and life, it’s time to push for a bigger horizon: The perfection of 3D game art on a grand scale. My mission has grown from one, to many, in the shape of High Priority – Game Art. The company
that houses skilled 3D artists, ready to tackle any project.

At High Priority, we provide high-grade 3D art, tackle big assignments easily, and create power-house results with the structure and excellence you’ve come to expect. Come and take a look, meet the team and say hello to High Priority.

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